A Simple Strategy for Success in Prayer


A Simple Strategy for Success in Prayer

Do you ever have trouble focusing when you’re praying? Is your mind prone to wander?

I struggle with this regularly. Today I’d like to share with you one of my secrets for spending time in prayer when everything in you is begging to leave your quiet place and jump into the busyness of the day.

Prayer is our weapon and shield on the battlefield of spirituality.

We’re commanded to pray, and we’re wise if we do. Because, remember folks, if Jesus needed to pray, you know we’re in desperate need of it too.




Pray continually; 1 Thessalonians 5:17 NIV

Years ago, I started writing out some of my most important prayers in my journal. I wrote detailed requests and dated them. I also recorded when they were answered. I had no idea what a faith booster this would be until after I experienced several specific answers to specific prayers that fulfilled or surpassed each of the details in the requests. There were also some prayers that appeared to have been rejected. But I won’t know how those ones turned out until I get to heaven.

So what I’m suggesting you may want to try is:

  • write down some of your prayers
  • offer them up on the days your mind is too muddled to pray.




prayers on a page

with a mustard seed of faith

potent potential


Here’s an example, below, of a written prayer that speaks what’s on my heart these days (normally I write shorter ones—but sometimes they pour out in a torrent like this one did):

“Dear Lord

I come to You—needy. Not for food. Not for a shopping spree. Not for coffee with a girlfriend. I come needy for You. I come to You empty and knowing my emptiness is a good thing. It creates a hunger for Your table that’s filled with goodness. Your Word is spread out like a feast. I’m hungry for what You want to plant in my heart. I want to find myself growing Your will for my life. Whether it takes me to a desert wilderness or a field of delights, I want to have been found in You. Of You. For You.

Time is short. Time is swift. Talents are for investment, not for landfills. Show me, and lead me how to invest what You have given me to sprinkle in the furrows of my fellow pilgrims. I desire to be a Truth tiller and Truth teller. A farmer in the field of eternity where souls are harvested for You.

Wheat and tares share the soil. Make me wheat. And make me one who gathers instead of scatters. I crave to be for You in all my ways and not against You in any of my ways. Create in me a weeded heart.  A tilled and filled heart that’s sprouting a mustard seed that grows to fill a portion of the sky where souls find rest, refreshment, and inspiration in, on, and under its branches You have birthed.

Thy will be done in Jesus Name, amen.”


*** Another way to pray:

Here’s an example of one of my typical prayers when I’m too overwhelmed to say or write anything:

“Thy will be done in our family. “

It’s short, sincere, and powerful. Don’t underestimate the power of a brief but passionate plea. God’s more interested in sincerity than a symphony. Remember the thief on the cross next to Jesus’? He’s in Paradise with the Lord. Right. Now.

Seriously, be yourself with God. He loves us. He loves you. He doesn’t love ritual. He wants a real relationship with us.

Whatever way you choose to pray—show up each day.




Salt Shaker

Make me a salt shaker

 A thirst maker

One who sprinkles Truth

Into the wounded places

Into the hungry faces

And thirsty spaces

That righteousness

Becomes the feast

For the famine

That covers the land

In the hearts of man

An anorexia of the soul

That can only be made whole


That can only be healed


By the Word

The Living Word



In each of us


Wendy / 2016




What’s your favorite strategy to employ when you’re struggling with prayer?

Prayerful Blessings ~ Wendy

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Happy Thanksgiving & blessings to those of you who celebrate it today.

(We, Canadians, celebrated it in October.) 

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