Grief Became Peace: How to Overcome Fear

Grief Became Peace: How to Overcome Fear

Grief became peace when I realized recent losses I’d suffered stripped away worthlessness to reveal what’s truly valuable.

Before I share what the buried treasure was, let’s back up a bit…

A deep stirring in my heart started the night before when I read the June 29th devotional in Streams of the Desert. I bought the book from a thrift shop several years ago because I was drawn to the verdant cover. Green is my favorite color. It symbolizes life, renewal, and growth to me. But often death must precede life.

For as it said in the June 29th devotional:

“God has nothing worth having that is easy.

There are no cheap goods in the heavenly market.”

What God bought for us—salvation from sin and an eternity with Him—cost the suffering and death of His one and only Son.

Grace is not a cheap gift.

Grief Became Peace: How to Overcome Fear

And our invitation to the Promised Land will cost us suffering too if we accept it and begin the pilgrimage to the front gates of His glory. We will, like the Israelite, see giants along the way. And these giants will stomp out any victories God desires for us if we focus on them instead focusing on the Lord.

The foolish focus on giants, the wise focus on God.

The foolish focus on giants, the wise focus on God. #faith #ThursdayThoughts Click To Tweet

And here’s where the buried treasure I alluded to comes into play: faith. For not only is it impossible to impress the Lord without faith, it’s not possible to keep a proper focus without it either.

Grief Became Peace: How to Overcome Fear

We need to exercise faith to fend off giants threatening to disrupt our joy in the Lord.

We need to exercise faith to fend off giants. #Christian #memoir Click To Tweet


Our losses can be counted as discouragements—as giants—or they can be counted as gain. For loss draws us to Christ when we realize everything is dung compared to growing stronger in our faith. Faith doesn’t grow without adversity just as muscles don’t grow without resistance being applied against them.
When resistance comes against us, and we’re tossed into a lion’s den, or into a fiery furnace, we need to focus on God and not on the flames or the jaws of death. Jesus is a God-with-us Savior. He is beside us when the giants surround us.


Our faith—not our fear—pleases Him.

Our faith—not our fear—pleases God. #faith #quoteoftheday Click To Tweet


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that God is described as a consuming fire in Deuteronomy 4:24:

For the LORD your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.

His jealousy is righteous. He’s right to burn off the dross of false gods in our hearts. When we’re in the furnace of adversity, all the things we’ve been worshiping melt under the glow of His majesty.

Our goals and our gold can’t save us.

Only God can.

The golden images we worshiped aren’t worth anything next to the One who created everything.
And so on the morning I grieved, I asked God to give me an undivided heart. I asked Him to help me focus fully on Him instead of on my fear of the giants around me.

In God’s economy, exercising faith brings victory.

Submitting to fear brings failure.

Grief Became Peace: How to Overcome Fear

In God’s economy we must love Him more than our sin or our kin

—more than our biggest dreams

—more than our safety

—more than anything.


Our intimacy with the Lord is hindered if our loyalty is divided. A less-than-all-consuming faith doesn’t satisfy us or God.

Grief Became Peace: How to Overcome Fear

Burn Away

Burn away all lesser gods
With Your consuming fire
So our hearts are purified
And filled with holy desire

Burn away our foolish fear
And fill us with faith instead
That we may walk boldly
With Christ as our Head.



Blessings ~ Wendy

Grief became peace: How to overcome fear

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Grief Became Peace: How to Overcome Fear