What’s So Good About Good Friday?


What’s So Good About Good Friday?

When a Good Man dies

For the sake of sinners

He transforms the lost

Into forgiven winners.





“What’s so good about Good Friday?” someone may ask.

 I’ve often wondered how many people enjoy this holiday without realizing what a holy day it is. And I wonder if those who know nothing about the Easter Story are curious why the day is called good.

According to the Bible, God is good. In the Scriptures Jesus said if we’ve seen and known Him (Jesus Christ) then we’ve seen and known His Father (God).

Wow, that’s quite the bold statement to make.




Jesus essentially placed Himself on the same level as God. And it was this sort of talk that caused some of the religious leaders around Him to call “Foul.” They were jealous of Jesus and were looking for a reason to get rid of Him because their prestigious (and hypocritical) positions in society were threatened by the genuineness of the Lamb of God.

I mean, this Jesus guy was hanging out with prostitutes, tax collectors, adulterers, and all sorts of sinners. He was claiming to forgive them while simultaneously rebuking the religious folk for being fake. And as if that wasn’t outrageous enough, He opened the eyes of the blind, healed the crippled, and raised people from the dead.





He made the Pharisees look dull despite their elaborate robes and public displays of piousness. He even dared to call them “whitewashed tombs” and “ a brood of vipers”. And some of you may recall what happened to John the Baptist for calling a spade a spade.

But Jesus didn’t lose his head over this. Instead He wore a crown of thorns the Roman guards shoved onto it and willingly carried His cross as He laid down His life for mankind, for all who would trust in the perfect-once-for-all payment for sin.

He lived a sinless life and became a sufficient sacrifice so we may have forgiveness and eternal life.




Good Friday is good because bad people crucified the Son of God (by the way, we’re all bad), and before Jesus Christ died He said, “It is finished.” That’s the Good News, folks.

It is finished.




You, I, and everyone can be forgiven because of the finished work on the cross of Christ. We don’t need to (and can’t) earn our way to Heaven/salvation.

At the moment Christ’s body gave up His spirit, the earth trembled and the veil in the temple was torn in half. The veil, that separated us from a Holy God, was no longer needed.




The blood of Jesus removes the sin of each person who trusts in Him.

And that’s what makes Good Friday so amazing-grace-good.

Good Friday Blessings ~ Wendy

Friends, there’s so much about this Good News I’ve left out in this brief post—have you anything to add? I’m nosy-to-know. And if you have any questions, I’m sure one of us will give it our best shot to answer.




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Happy Easter—He is risen! xo

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31 thoughts on “What’s So Good About Good Friday?

  1. The photos of the country church that you used to illustrate this post are perfect. They bring back wonderful memories of churches of my youth. I hope that you had a wonderful Easter.

  2. I’m so glad you posted this…the thing I always need to remember is what you said. “We don’t need to (and can’t) earn our way to Heaven/salvation.”. Thank you Wendy.

  3. It’s also Good because of what follows John 3:16 – “For God did not send His Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.” (John 3:17)

  4. Great post, Wendy, for several reasons including the writing style, which makes your points beautifully. So much to think about this time of year, even as I practice being a fair-weather Christian by choosing to go to church on Easter and not today.

    1. Thank you for blessing me with your encouraging words, Cynthia. I’m starting to get comfortable using my true voice–risky but so much more authentic and fun. I won’t be making it to today’s either as I’m spending the morning with my earthly hero-hubby. 🙂

  5. The evidence of Jesus’ s sacrifice for us is so strong that even atheist historian Gerd Lüdemann called his crucifixion “indisputable.” The disciples, who ran and hid after his crucifixion went on to be martyred for proclaiming Christ the Savior after his resurrection. It’s not very likely they would have done that if they knew they were proclaiming a lie. We call this Holy Week, holy means set apart for God, and the events of this week truly set us apart for God . . .for all eternity.

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