Wendy’s Writing Room ❀


Welcome to my writing room.

I love writing and telling  stories,

and so I thought it would be fun

to have a page devoted

to my writing room.

My husband has nicknamed it my “Woman Cave.”

It doubles as my sewing room.

~ ❀ ~

I remember when I first had my desk moved into this attic space,

and I looked around and thought to myself,

This looks like a writer’s room.

 I also felt a quiet tug at my heart

that said,

“Yes, maybe that’s what you’re really supposed to be doing.”


And so I am.


In the following vlog I share a true story

 about one of my gardening misadventures,

and about my part-time cleaning job for an RCMP detachment.



37 thoughts on “Wendy’s Writing Room ❀

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I just read your story “A Labor Day of Love” and enjoyed it. I’m like you, I love going on a boat as long as I can see shore. I’ve been with my brother up in your area and it is breathtaking. Something about the ruggedness makes it even more beautiful. Great Story and beautifully written.

    BTW, I would have commented on Two Drops, but Scott doesn’t allow me to post anymore. HUGS

    1. Thank you, Chuck, for taking the time to read my post. How wonderful that you were able to see the West Coast too. “Rugged” is the right adjective–for sure.
      I appreciate your encouragement as this post almost made it into print in a well-known publication; I decided to publish it on Two Drops because I love the idea of inspiring others to say, “Yes,” to adventure.
      Blessings as you enjoy creation in your part of the world ~ Wendy 🙂

  2. Good morning, Wendy! I found you on Kathy Pooler’s blog this morning and because I’m on a blog fast I’ll not respond on her website – crafty me!

    I admire you close relationship with our LORD and your simple yet elegant writing style. Why on a blog fast? During the last 3 1/2 years my mother died, we cleared out her house, sold our own homestead and bought another, getting rid of 1/3 of our “Stuff” a la Tidy House project. Then my aunt, a second mother died, we moved my brother into an apartment, and now are curating her possessions spanning 4 generations and selling her house. (Well, I had to tell somebody.)

    Your writing space is fascinating. Mine too faces a window. My memoir writing has had to take a back seat lately though I have kept my blog going, having written a tribute to my Aunt Ruthie before my hiatus. You are a woman with a message and a clear sense of purpose, writing out of victory. I hope I can get to know you better when the dust (cobwebs and mold) settles. 🙂

    1. Thank you, dear Marian, for your visit and for your kind words. I can certainly understand your need for a blog fast. Even under normal circumstances I find it difficult to keep up with all the lovely writing friends I’ve met over the past five years of blogging. It feels like family here.
      I’m so sorry for you recent losses. Grief isn’t an easy road to walk.
      Hugs ~ Wendy xo

  3. Wendy, your story is riveting about the boulder that was blocked from damaging your home. I am so glad no one was hurt. Your thoughts really reached me. Keep on encouraging, inspiring and uplifting us through your journey.

    Your writing room looks really comfortable. It’s so cozy-looking one could end up specializing in horizontal mediattion there. zzzz:)

    1. Thank you for visiting my writing room, Kevin. I especially appreciate your words “Keep on encouraging, inspiring and uplifting” as that is what I hope to do. Blessings to you and your family. ❀

  4. What a crazy experience! Thank the Lord no one was hurt.

    Your writing room looks so cozy and comfortable. I might be tempted to curl up for a nap under one of the beautiful quilts.

  5. I don’t know how I missed this. Precious. You are the cutest thing … I could listen to you all day. Wow … what a story! So dangerous. Oh, wow … the damage that could have been done … the lives that could have been taken. “Choose one of them” … I had to smile … yes, choose safety! 🙂 You always bless me.

    1. You always bless me with your encouragement, dear Shelli. <3 I adore your Texan accent. I've warned my teens that I'm mighty tempted to move South. Yo'all are so friendly down there. Even though I've lived on this Island for over 20 yrs, it's the other transplants that I get along with the best. My hometown was more like Texas–sunny and friendly. ❀ Islanders give me a funny look if I'm too friendly.

  6. Yikes! I can hardly believe what happened, and how lucky you all were that no one was hurt. I have lived long enough, Wendy, to trust my gut instinct about things. I’m glad you did that day too!

    Jennifer x

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. <3 I have a picture somewhere in my photo albums of the boulder that hit my sifting screen. Sometimes real life is harder to believe than fiction. And you sure know how to pique a person's curiosity by stating that you have an announcement coming up. I'll be checking in on your beautiful blog. 😉

  7. Wendy you are a natural story teller, someone was watching over you. I believe we should listen to our little voices. (guardian angels). You did the right thing and I bet Mr D thought twice about teasing you after that.

    1. Thanks, Kath. Mr D wasn’t mean-spirited. But I think he took me a little more seriously after that. My impression of RCMP officers has always been good. I’ve yet to meet one I didn’t like or trust. They are good-willed people who like to help and protect communities. ❀

        1. He also exuded integrity. I felt safe in his presence and was partly inspired by him to create my main protagonist in my first completed manuscript (I was inspired by all the kind officers I met). ❀

          1. Love that, how the writer in you collects the pieces of characters through the people you meet. I do that to, I just can’t help myself. Integrity is such a great trait and makes for a wonderful person and fictional person too.

    1. Thank you, dear Cynthia. The feeling I had to pull the blind back down was intense. I wish I always listened well to warning nudges. I suspect that the quiet time at my desk primed my spirit to heed the call of caution. ❀

    1. <3 Diana, here's a bonus tidbit since it looks like I didn't put you to sleep: A boulder also landed right in the center of a target mark on a nearby dock that float planes used to drop off and pick up passengers. I had to laugh when I saw that. It was the only boulder that hit the dock (besides dirt and gravel). The dock also needed repairing. ❀

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