Multiplication is One of God’s Fortes #Memoir

Multipication is one of God's fortes #memoir Butterflies at Filberg Park

You can take courage because multiplication is one of God’s fortes. Have you given God more because you trust Him to multiply what’s left? God showed me a parable through butterflies. He told me to take courage because He is a multiplier.

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Allow me to explain:

I recently wrote a post for, and because I enjoy taking and sharing nature photographs, I included some of my best butterfly pictures in the post. For I had just finished reading a book by Jeff Goins called: “You Are a Writer (so start ACTING like one). In it he said, “Always do the best work you can for less than you deserve (Yes, you heard me).”
So even though I’ve been stumped several times when I tried to capture butterflies with my camera, I chose to share what I did have with the hope and trust God would provide me with more butterfly photo opportunities if it was His will. I try to keep this attitude regarding everything He’s blessed me with. I’ve experienced His multiplication each time I’ve given generously.

Multipication is one of God's fortes #memoir Butterflies at Filberg Park

God is not a miser. He doesn’t want me to be one either concerning any of my gifts. And He especially doesn’t want me to be a miser concerning courage.
We learn of this in Acts 23:11 NIV where Paul has been taken into the barracks by his enemies because of his preaching:

The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said,

“Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.”

The next morning Paul’s trust was put to the test when over 40 men took a pledge not to eat or drink until they killed Paul.

But God is a multiplier.

Multipication is one of God's fortes #memoir Butterflies at Filberg Park

He starts with what we have and He adds. For while Paul’s enemies planned, God placed the son of Paul’s sister in a position to hear about the plot. The young relative informed Paul. Paul informed a centurion. The centurion took the young relative to the commander.

  • One brave Paul.
  • One young man.
  • One centurion.
  • One commander.

And here in Acts 23:23 is where God multiplies exponentially through one commander:

Then he called two of his centurions and ordered them,

“Get ready a detachment of two hundred soldiers,

seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen to go to Caesarea at nine tonight.

Provide mounts for Paul so that he may be taken safely to Governor Felix.”

Multipication is one of God's fortes #memoir Butterflies at Filberg Park

When we’re willing to work within God’s will:

He multiplies what we’re working with.

He stretches our resources.

He supplies our lack from His abundance so that we can also take courage.

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The day after I obediently placed my butterfly offering into God’s hands, my husband suggested we visit one of our favorite parks. And while we were at the Filberg Park, I photographed more butterflies than I ever have in one outing. I photographed more butterflies in that visit than all my previous pictures of flying flowers combined because God is a multiplier and He wants me to be generous, to be brave, and to be daring with whatever He asks me to do.
This isn’t about butterflies.

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For the night before I read Acts 23, I mentioned to my husband that God is able to use what little we have to do big things. If we trust enough, we will joyfully give what we have and God will grant us peace and provision.

He will stand near us and say, “Take courage!”

Multipication is one of God's fortes #memoir Butterflies at Filberg Park

I’ve also recently obeyed the nudge to take a Sabbath rest from social media on Sundays. It was hard to do at first. But since I’ve been doing it for a few months, I’ve noticed a multiplication of followers, likes, and shares. God has been blessing my obedience to Him. The extra time I’ve been spending in rest has recharged my writing too; it has also multiplied—writing ideas are flowing fast and furious and my podcast and blog drafts files are overflowing.

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The first step of courage
Begins with fearing the Lord
Because His ways are best
And His word’s the sharpest sword
The first step of true success
Is to surrender all to God
Because He can multiply
What we’ve already got.


Multiplication blessings ~ Wendy

P.S. Do you think those butterflies showed up because of karma or Providence? Here’s my recent six-minute memoir podcast regarding a discussion I had with a stranger about what I think of karma versus Providence: Providence or Karma

I’m nosy-to-know how the Lord has shown you multiplication is one of God’s fortes?